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SERENATA - for Clarinet & Chamber orchestra (Full Score)

Lyrical 3 minute concertina subtitled "Mother and Child"

As heard on "Best of David Fanshawe" CD

Also scored for Clarinet / Piano (commercial CD also available)


Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in B flat (note 1), Bassoon, Horn in F, Trumpet in B flat, Celesta (note 2), Percussion 1 - Marimba (note 3), Percussion 2. - ?Eggs? (note 4), Harp (note 5), Strings, Duration: c. 3:30.

NOTES: The featured Clarinet in this Concertino, needs to sound endearingly close. I would encourage clarinettists to come forward and play the part, like a concerto, in front of the first violins. 1.If Celesta is unavailable, play the part on Glockenspiel.  2.If Marimba is unavailable, play the part on full-range Xylophone.  3.If ?Eggs? are unavailable, use light sounding Maracas, or Seed-pods.  4.If Harp is unavailable, play the part on Synthesiser. 5.If Harp is unavailable, play the part on Synthesiser.


This short concertina is dedicated to my mother, affectionately known in our family as ?Mouse?. The conductor, Gavin Sutherland, who made the first recording of the work, writes: "Serenata (Mother and Child), paints a caring and gentle picture of the relationship between mother and offspring, with warm, sensitive phrases contrasted with occasional gentle humour, influenced by the composer?s travels to Bahrain and Provence."

The overriding Englishness of the catchy main theme is well contrasted by an opaque and sparingly harmonised secondary theme, heard on the lower strings, which is based on a traditional Bahrain wedding song, hence the undulating open-octave phrases, marked ?ritmico?. After a central climax, in which the main theme is developed and extended, the conclusion depicts "a sunny landscape in Provence", in which the clarinet solo returns with a flourish, resolving in a tender farewell ?lontano?.

Serenata was first recorded by the clarinettist David Fuest with Simone Rebello on marimba and the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Gavin Sutherland. This recording was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3. Brian Kay?s Light Programme, December 2002. A recording of the Clarinet and Piano version was made by Verity Butler (clarinet) and Gavin Sutherland (piano) , Campion Cameo ?British Composer Series - Clarinet Kaleidoscope?, 2003. The first live performance was given at a recital by Sarah Williamson (clarinet) and Chris Ross (piano) in Ealing General Hospital, London, October, 2003. Serenata is also being arranged by the composer for: Clarinet, Marimba, Harp or Piano; Piano solo and Piano four-hands. The Clarinet part is also being transcribed for Flute or Oboe.

SPECIAL THANKS: Richard Blackford, Verity Butler, Kathy Copisarow; David Fuest, Geoffrey, Amelia & Katya Hancock, Philip Lane, City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Simone Rebello, Chris Ross, Gavin Sutherland, John Timperley and Sarah Williamson. Music engraved by Sara Loewenthal: Score production by Jane Fanshawe.